What equipment I use when travelling by photographer, Lydia Collins

What equipment I use when travelling by photographer, Lydia Collins

Iʼm lucky enough that the past 2 years, travel has become more a part of my job and Iʼve been able to visit and work in various locations around the world. Each trip that I go on, I learn something new – whether itʼs from the equipment I take to the style of shooting or how to edit it on the go. Most of the trips I go on are with brands, so beforehand I make sure Iʼm super clear on what I will be shooting – the best way to understand (I find) is to get the brand to create mood boards, that way I know the imagery they are wanting to achieve! Another thing that I have found that is super helpful, is to get brands to send over location ideas – whether this be the streets they are wanting to shoot on or if there are any indoors locations – that way you have an understanding on the composition of the models and how to direct them and also the locations you will be shooting in.

I have learnt over the past year what equipment is essential and whatʼs good to bring as backups! I always shoot on my Canon 5D – I purchased this around 2 years ago when I became full time with my photography, it was a little present to myself! Itʼs such an amazing camera for both photography and film. I shoot with this back in London and this is also the camera I travel with. Itʼs pretty heavy but Iʼm fairly use to carrying around the weight back at home! Combine the 5D with the Canon 24-70mm and Sigma 35mm Lenses and you are set to shoot whatever you fancy! Over the years, these have become my two favourite lenses!

On trips where adventurous activities are in the agenda and are involving the outdoors, I bring my GoPro Hero 6 – a perfect camera for capturing on the go shots where you are still guaranteed amazing quality. I team it with a shorty and a wrist strap – I have found that these are my favourite accessories to use. For capturing memories I always bring my Fujifilm Instax and a disposable – I love getting ‘in the momentʼ shots and having the FujiFilm Instax print out the photos there and then is a great way to keep memories of trips for scrapbooks. I have a big wall at home with all my Instax photos on, so always love adding to it at the end of trips!

A recent travel trip to Croatia…

The past week I have spent in Croatia with my friends Mollie and Sam, Mollie is a travel blogger and Sam is a videographer. The trip was for both work and pleasure – we decided to fly out a few days early to explore Split and stay a few days extra just to make the most of the place and to suss out the best locations to shoot for the job we were there for. We shot a lot together whilst we were there, itʼs pretty hard to put the camera down when the places were as beautiful as they were! After the trip that I was working on had ended, we stayed a few extra nights in Old Town Dubrovnik. If you havenʼt been to Croatia before, I cannot recommend it enough as a destination to visit and travel too – absolutely beautiful!

I find travelling the perfect place to experiment with different styles of shooting and to try things I donʼt often have time to try but have always wanted too. Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration and to visualise what I want to shoot in a day. I think I spend more time on Pinterest than any other app on my phone! I am a big fan of lifestyle imagery, so tend to shoot this everywhere I go. I have been shooting with my friend Mollie for a long time now and she is one of my friends that I travel with the most, so my travel content tends to include her!

I have had my GoPro Hero 6 for nearly 2 years now but felt that I hadnʼt experimented with it as much as I had wanted. Croatia was the perfect place for this as the waters are so crystal clear! We grabbed some snorkels and headed out to sea to experiment with some underwater photography. I borrowed Samʼs GoPro Dome, this is the accessory to use if you are wanted to achieve the half underwater, half overwater shots!

For shooting photos, I set the GoPro to Burst mode and shot 30/6 at FOV wide. When I was filming, I set it to 1080 RES, 240 FPS (super slow mo mode) and a wide FOV. In terms of SD cards and storage, I use the Sandisk 32GB and 64GB Extreme Pro for shooting with my canon, a load of GoPro batteries (I find they run out of battery pretty quick – especially when filming!). I use the Seagate 1tb or 2tb Hard drives – I have found these to be super reelable over the past few years and have never had any problems with them!

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