Introducing Musician, Writer and Photographer Rikesh Chauhan

Introducing musician, writer and Photographer Rikesh Chauhan

Introducing the incredibly stylish photographer from East London, Rikesh. Specialising in reportage portraits and product photography within luxury menswear, he brings the style to the images.

With having several years’ worth of brand experience creating social media content, Rikesh covers everything from traditional product shoots, press and corporate events, editorials, behind-the-scenes and more.

His creativity doesn’t stop here, he’s also a super talented musician and writer.

Rikesh’s style of shooting focuses on detail, bokeh and warmth, “I love images that tell a story, or make the viewer look at it and wonder what was happening at that time the picture was taken. I think there’s something beautiful about candids when it comes to street style and event photography – it goes again the same old, same old.”

When it comes to fashion, Rikesh brings personality to clothing and style. Be it on an influencer, a model or still life, the aim is to create content that has depth and layers – giving it a longer lifespan in a time where throwaway content and consumption is fast becoming the norm.

Rikesh will shoot to your requirement, ensuring the photography will sit well within your current brand aesthetic. As his editing style is true to form and natural, the imagery is adaptable depending on your brand identity—from warmth, focus, landscape, corporate or lifestyle.

Rikesh is available for booking, please fill in the booking form on the Contact Page or email

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