Introducing modern, light and anything white Photographer, Helen

Introducing modern, light and anything white Photographer, Helen

Here’s Helen, the founder and creative director of Ivory White Photography. Ivory White is a modern photography brand for those dreamy captures, portrayed in a light and airy editing style.

Based just outside of London, Helen works with companies, couples and models creating high-end, bright content. Helen’s aim is to create luxury images for use in magazines, social content or for happy couples.

Weddings and wedding Editorials are something Ivory White features heavily throughout their portfolio. Helen captures many couples every year who have their dream wedding. Teaming up with bridal and wedding magazines Helen is also commissioned to photograph magazine editorials and styled shoots in her unique fresh style.

‘My editing style has evolved over the years and now is in line with my brand and clients needs. I’m a modern girl with a little bit of a wilder side. I love clean lines and fresh imaging but also adore travelling, landscapes and unique experiences! Merging the two I often photograph couples abroad.’

Helen doesn’t just photograph weddings, editorials and couples but also brands, companies and individuals. Whether it’s a wedding planner who’s rebranding, restaurant requiring food photography or a jewellery company or social media influencers. Helen produces fresh flat lays, modern branding shots and contemporary product photography.

‘I started photography after completing an Art degree and, education coupled with a passion for photography, I created my business, Ivory White Photography. Light is always a factor when I shoot, and looking for light backdrops and soft lighting is always on the forefront of my mind to ensure I create the clear, polished look I love!’

Helen is available for booking in the UK and worldwide. You can fill in the contact form here or contact us direct on

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