Introducing lifestyle and fitness Photographer, Tamsin Hurrell

Introducing lifestyle and fitness Photographer, Tamsin Hurrell

Introducing the beautiful Tamsin. She is one creative and talented bundle of joy! She specialises in fashion, lifestyle and fitness but give her a camera and a task and she’ll get to work with her creativity.

She works with natural light making sure she achieves the desired shots. Tamsin brings to life her imagery through carefully selecting and editing them.

‘I shoot with a canon 5d mark IV

My favourite lenses are my “nifty 50” Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 for its large aperture and shallow depth of field, it also produces a really lovely bokeh effect. Also my Tamron 70-200 f2.8, useful when the subject is a little further away and great for unobtrusive event and sports photography. Lastly, my Sigma 18-35mm zoom lens with a f/1.8 maximum aperture – I use this lens when I want to include a little more background.’

‘I am an on-location photographer – I love finding interesting places to shoot that reflect the personality of my client. I shoot with natural light – it’s about hunting for interesting light, then figuring out how to use it to create an attractive image. Natural light is soft and flattering, bringing out the natural beauty of my subjects.

I love shooting portrait and fashion when it’s slightly overcast, or late afternoon. ‘Golden light’ is the absolute dream, creating a sense of warmth in the image.

Whereas, fitness shoots can be done in harsher light to accentuate those muscles! (wouldn’t suggest for fashion shoots as we want to avoid panda eyes!)’

‘I love shooting fitness – I’m literally in awe of some of the things the human body is capable of doing! These shoots really excite me, being a very active person myself.  I tend to use a fast shutter speed to capture my subject, mid – run/leap/jump/dance move and shoot on continuous to make sure we capture the ‘killer shot’. My sessions turn into a bit of a mini work-out!’

‘With fashion photography – the world is your oyster! Location is very important as it has to reflect the brand. So, I do spend a fair amount of time hunting for the right place. If the brand already had a strong visual identity then it’s about finding somewhere which embraces its uniqueness. Then it’s about playing with composition, framing, angles, foreground and background to really show off product.’

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