Introducing Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer, Margot Jakobson

Introducing Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer, Margot Jakobson

Introducing the newest host to Creative Collective, the super talented Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer, Margot. She is based in London and travels the world with her camera in hand. Carry on reading to learn more about herself, her work and see some of her beautiful imagery!

Margot has been a full-time freelance Photographer and Videographer for just over a year now and she’s been loving every second of it! She specialises in Lifestyle, Fashion and Fitness content that’s mainly aimed at online audiences. ‘The best part of being freelance is the freedom to travel with work and shoot anywhere in the world, which is my favourite thing to do’ Margot.

‘I love photographing people, alongside capturing movement and light. Whether it be Lifestyle, Fashion and Fitness, social media campaigns or events, anything that involves shooting people is right up my street.’

Margot loves the process of how photography can bring out different sides of people and make them see themselves differently.

She also loves to experiment with Photography in her free time and bring ideas to life. The best part is when they work even better than expected!

As well as being passionate about Photography, Margot is also a fully qualified professional Videographer. Working with different social media agencies over the past year she has learnt a lot about creating content aimed at specific audiences and the importance of video on social.

‘I love that I’m not limited to Photography whilst suggesting content ideas to the client, as I can be confident to also deliver Videography to a high standard’.

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