Creatives Collective Meet-up Two

Creatives Collective meet-up Two

This months meet up took place in London; exploring new streets and places to shoot with five of the super talented London based Photographers.

The main incentive behind CC is to bring a community of like-minded individuals together who share the same passion and drive for creativity. Meet-ups like this bring the biggest smile to all of our faces!

Myself, Chloe, Helen and Chris met at South Kensington station where was began walking towards Knightsbridge capturing ‘London content’ on the way. Most of us are based in London but don’t seem to have any content of ourselves shooting in London. We took it in turns to photograph each other in ‘London themed’ locations such as telephone boxes

After spending some time here we walked towards Hyde Park (Kensington entrance) where we began shooting and getting creative with deck chairs and in the Pergola that we found.

We spent an hour or so here before Tamsin came to join us. After spending some more time shooting each other and playing around with the low light (it was around 5pm at this time). We headed towards Bond Street where we were to meet Rik.

There are so many street locations to shoot around London and I love finding new places to experiment with light, architecture and composition when it comes to photographing a subject. We found a great spot near Soho where we took it in turns to photograph each other and get Creative.

After 3/4 hours of shooting and chatting, we headed to a cafe around the corner where we grabbed some drinks and spoke about all things cameras, career, industries and ambitions! Rik got Creative with Chris using the cafe window

Super excited for the next Creatives Collective meet-up and to see the content that comes from it!

If you are interested in joining our next meet up – feel free to email where one of us will be able to give you more information on the next Workshop, meet-up or 1:1 tutorial!

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