Creatives Collective Meet-up One

Creatives Collective meet-up One


Creatives Collective is all about community. We are an agency that focuses on the Creatives – the freelancers that run the artistic world. It is important for CC to find our Creatives work but we also know the importance of meeting up and socialising with like-minded talented people. That’s why each month we run a CC meet-up where the Creatives on board the agency have a chance to hang out, get Creative shooting together and socialise whilst editing away on our laptops!


It’s a known fact that being a freelance Photographer or Videographer is a super fun job but there’s also moments where you spent hours editing alone on your laptop. We want to break that feeling of being a sole freelancer and have a community of talented individuals that can meet up and share the same passion.

Creatives Collective had their first meet-up since launching and we spent some time wandering the streets of London, exploring new locations and shooting together along the way. You may find that often Photographers don’t have many images of themselves, whether this is portrait styled imagery or shots of them in action. The main aim for this meet-up was the get the Creatives some more profile shots and some BTS photographs of them ‘at work’!. 3 Creatives came along to meet-up no.1 – The lovely Helen, Tamsin and Chloe.


Meeting in the afternoon last Thursday at Waterloo Station, we headed straight for a coffee and a catch up as it was the first time these Creatives’ had met each other. After a big ladies chin-wag we headed straight for a walk along Southbank! It was a beautiful day and we were super lucky with the weather so we knew we’d be able to get lots of shots of each other. Our first shoot location was nearby to St.Pauls.


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(swipe through the carousel below)

We used a purple bush as a main backdrop for the Creatives to get some new ‘portrait’ style headshots and some images of themselves with their equipment!

After some fun shooting with each other, we headed for a little section within the area surrounding St.Pauls which had more of a metallic and concrete backdrop – perfect for those simplistic shots!


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(swipe through the carousel below)

It’s great fun working with fellow photographers and seeing how we all work, direct and capture individuals! Another reason why meet-ups are so important and how much you can learn from each other.

We headed to our next little shoot spot which was inside a courtyard with a lovely blue doorway!

Chloe, Helen and Tamsin are all so super talented, it was great to see them work together, discussing camera techniques and all being so open to help each other out in getting some portrait shots of themselves!

We then headed for a well-deserved lunch where we sat outside, time flew by as we chatted for 2 hours about all things camera, work and travel!

The next Creatives Collective meet – up is in the diary for May and I can’t wait for more of the Creatives to meet each other and get Creative together in both shooting and editing but also socialising along the way!

Lydia x

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