Blog Photo Shoot and editing with Chloe Ely

Blog Photo Shoot and editing with Photographer, Chloe Ely

Our Creative Chloe Ely went on a shoot with the lovely Ella. Chloe talks all things blog photography, what she photographed and her editing process…

I’m really excited to have joined the Creative Collectives team, and a couple of weeks ago I carried out my first shoot for them! I hopped on the train out to South West London the meet the lovely Ella from Cocos Tea Party. We started by having a cup of tea and a good chat through what Ella wanted to achieve. She had several brand pieces to shoot, and we discussed the style of imagery she already uses on her blog and socials, and achieving a great fit between the styles of our work.

In just over an hour we shot a few blog pieces in her flat, as well as a few street style outfits outside. And went through the images afterwards to pick out her favourites for editing. This brings me to my editing process and how I achieve the final photos!

I sat down with Ella and we did a quick cull through the photos for her favourites, which I then dropped my preset onto, which quickly corrects the exposure, contrast, and colours to my style. Ella then took a second look and got rid of a few images she decided weren’t necessary and I then had the final set for editing, which I’ll discuss in a little more detail below.

The first set we shot were in front of this gorgeous deep terracotta wall that contrasted amazingly with Ella’s outfit. The edit for these images was quite easy after my preset was applied, and I just did a little tidy up of the background behind, as well as cleaning up the stray hairs blowing in the wind. Sometimes that Beyoncé moment can go from sassy to just a bit stray!

These shots in the flat are an example of some that were easily corrected with a brightening from my preset, and I added some more warmth in. I then focused on sharpening up details in the product to pull more focus to them. I also brightened the whites to be nice and clean, in-line with the rest of Ella’s blog and socials.

The final set we shot outside involved a lot of leaning around cars, as Ella knew she wanted this lovely soft off white wall to make the blue dress pop! The final shots looked great after a bit of colour correcting to fit with Ella’s style, and come cleaning up of the floor below. I cloned out likes of the dirty London gum and cigarettes to stop any distraction from the subject.




We had a great time shooting together, and Ella loved the final shots, and they’ve slotted in perfectly with her feed!

“The edits are all so pretty – I love them so much! I hope we can work together again soon”

Below are a few more photos from the shoot!

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